About Us
It is a fact today that any Company or Enterprise involved in high volume of cash processing will struggle without Cash Handling Equipment, especially when it comes to banks and finical institutions.
The quality of banking equipment will always have a direct impact on the efficiency of the cashier's daily tasks and performance, such as speed, count integrity, reliability and the level of authentication.
To achieve the these high standards it is critical to find the right supplier; a well-known, well-established and reputable manufacturer. One that has positive feedback from local and international clients from around the globe.
As a Manufacturer we strongly believe that our German Company; DoCash GmbH, can offer all the above and more, DoCash has a large portfolio of Banking Equipment that suits all types of business, small and large, with proven track record in Europe and many other parts of the world! Our long vast experience in this field and direct involvement with our clients over the years; allows to make the most practical and affordable solutions for each client needs.


New items
multi-pocket banknote sorter
4th/ 8th/ 12th/ 16th pocket sorting machine for continuous handling of large amounts of cash
Coins sorter
High coin processing speed sorter with increased hopper volume.
Banknote counter
The most compact banknote counter with denomination recognition
Coin counter machine
High productivity coin counter with auto feeding hopper.
Back loading banknote counter
Modern and inexpensive back-loading banknote counter – the best solution for enterprises with small and medium cash turnover