DoCash 3200 Value
DoCash 3200 Value
DoCash 3200 Value
DoCash 3200 Value
DoCash 3200 Value
DoCash 3200 Value
DoCash 3200 Value

DoCash 3200 Value

Banknote counter
Innovative banknotes counter with the ability to determine the denominations and the highest level of counterfeit authentication
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  • Easy banknote counting with simultaneous counterfeit authentication
  • Cross-counting of mixed bundle with counterfeit authentication
  • Counting by denominations with a function of accumulated totals
  • Sorting by denominations

Types of inspections

  • СIS: contact image sensor
  • SD: banknote size control
  • UV: UV control
  • MG: magnetic detection
  • IR: IR protection control
  • SP: ink spectral analysis
  • DD: optical density control


  • Long service life and ability to process large amounts of cash
  • Counterfeit authentication in accordance with four machine-readable security features of the securities
  • Pre-installed set of three currencies (RUB/USD/EUR) with an option to expand up to 15 currencies
  • Automatic currency detection mode
  • Multi-currency mode of operation (simultaneous counting of several currencies with separate results)
  • Quick and easy access to the passage for cleaning optical sensors and jamming
  • Ability to update the firmware quickly
  • Adjustable counting rate for optimum processing of denominations of all densities and fitness
  • Printing counting results
  • Successfully passed qualification tests at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Counting speed
900/1200/1500 banknotes/min
Sorting speed in SN mode
Feeder capacity
500 banknotes
Number of pockets
Feeder capacity
200 banknotes
Reject pocket capacity
Banknotes size range
from 110х60 mm to 185х90 mm
LCD, colour
Power input
max 60 W
Power supply
220 V/50 Hz
Overall dimensions (WDH)
280x260x270 mm
6,5 kg
2-pocket multicurrency banknotes sorter
The most reliable and budget-oriented 2-pocket banknotes sorter
Banknote counter
The most compact banknote counter with denomination recognition
Back loading banknote counter
Modern and inexpensive back loading banknote counter is the optimal solution for companies with low and medium cash turnover
Back loading banknote counter
Modern and inexpensive back-loading banknote counter – the best solution for enterprises with small and medium cash turnover